Not-For-Profit: Mental Health First Aid Tool Box
Wed 16 March 9:00am - 4:00pm
Training Room, Business South Inc, Level 3, 442 Moray Place, Dunedin
This wellbeing/mental health First Aid workshop provides people with the skills and knowledge to recognise and respond to those experiencing mental distress.


Mental Health First Aid and the 101 Guide
This session looks at an individual's Mental Health, including anxiety, depression, self-harm, bipolar, and psychosis. It covers how to handle the evidence of stigma, making relapse plans, identifying triggers, early warning signs, and what works. It covers a range of coping strategies, including breathing techniques, mindfulness, and how to cope, talk and deal with someone in distress, identify when support is needed. Learn how to use safety plans, and administer first aid around Mental Health. This session covers the areas of self-harm and suicide and how to respond.

This session is lead by skilled and experienced people with years of front line First Aid application.

A Wellbeing/ Mental Health First Aid workshop that provides people with the skills and knowledge to recognise and respond to those experiencing mental distress. A one-day course would typically include:
  • Stigma and discrimination   
  • ALGEE philosophy
  • Anxiety
  • Depression         
  • Sleep hygiene                       
  • Suicide ideation and self-harm and  how to respond
  • Alcohol and other drugs relationship to mental wellbeing
  • Psychosis
  • Mindfulness and sensory modulation
  • Responding to panic attacks
  • How to use active listening
  • Supporting a distressed person and when to seek help
  • Local support services and emergency contacts
  • General well being at work and in the home.
  •  TASK provide a resource pack and a wellness tool box for each participant.
  • Involves videos, group work, discussions and quiz.

Matthew Peppercorn is a mental health nurse of 25 years, a parent, musician, gardener and survivor of depression and anxiety. He uses humour, films, group work, board work and pictures with proven facts to promote the well being of people at home and in the work place. Often using real examples from life, students can pick up quickly core information and apply it to themselves and those around them. Over 2000 people all over NZ have attended sessions in the last 18 months. Under the TASK umbrella he works at a grass roots level with both local community, government agencies, corporate businesses, schools, universities and polytechnics.
*Morning tea will be provided, please provide/bring your own lunch.

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