Not-For-Profit: Minute Writing for Not-For-Profit Meetings
Wed 23 March 9:00am - 12:00pm
Training Room, Business South Inc, Level 3, 442 Moray Place, Dunedin
In this not-for-profit workshop you will learn how to take minutes in an efficient and effective manner. This workshop is for anyone who is responsible for producing minutes, or recording decisions at any formal, informal, large or small not-for-profit meeting.

Content includes:
  • Understanding meeting process and procedure
  • Guidelines for preparing for meetings, and how to encourage participants to come prepared.
  • What to record and what not to record
  • When and how to interrupt to clarify points
  • The difficult chairperson, and disruptive meeting participants
  • Minute-taking techniques and conventions so you can keep up with what is happening
  • Legal responsibilities
Training Presenters:  Michelle Barron and Jeanette Corson, Otago Polytechnic

Not for Profit organisations, clubs and their members qualify for Not for Profit subsidised workshops.   Any other organisations can attend the training but will be required to pay the full commercial rate of $299 incl. GST.
For a full refund to be given, cancellation must be received no less than 48 hours prior to the workshop date.
Payments can be made on registration online to Westpac #03 0905 0350582 000 | Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted.
For details and other training options, call the training team on 03 742 1925 or 03 479 0181 or email
Not for Profit
$50 incl. GST
Commercial Rate
$299 incl. GST
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