Payroll Law (Level 2)
Thu 19 May 9:00am - Fri 20 May 4:15pm
Gain a deeper understanding of the legislative requirements that impact on payroll processing.

This webinar is offered in partnership with the New Zealand Payroll Practitioners Association (NZPPA).

Payroll practitioners are multi skilled with skills in employment relations, accountancy and information technology. This course is designed to provide new or existing payroll practitioners a solid understanding of the legislative requirements that impact on the work they do in payroll.

During the course we will cover numerous payroll related examples to relate legislation to payroll practice and processing. The course workbook is packed with templates and fully worked examples so it becomes an excellent resource in the workplace.

Whether you are new to payroll or an existing payroll practitioner wanting an update or professional accreditation with the NZPPA, this two-day course will give you a solid understanding of the legislative requirements that impact on the work you do in payroll.
  • Overview of the New Zealand Tax System
  • All leave types including calculating extra pays and bonuses
  • The latest case law and studies related to a range of Acts – including, but not limited to – Employment Relations Act 2000, Holidays Act 2003, Child Support Act 1991, KiwiSaver Act 2006; Minimum Wage Act 1983, Wages Protection Act 1983; Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act; Accident Compensation Act 2001; Privacy Act 2020), to apply best practice to payroll.

At the end of this session the learner will be able to:
  • Identify the main rules required by legislation in relation to payroll.
  • Explain how calculations are undertaken for the various types of legislation undertaken in payroll.
  • Highlight the risk areas for payroll and how to minimise them.
Attendees should have previously attended the “Payroll Foundations Skills” course. At our discretion, learners with extensive payroll experience will also be accepted. If you have any questions please email

  • 2 days 

This course is offered as a virtual classroom and learners will need to be willing to be part of an online classroom environment. 
Gaining a NZPPA Certificate:
If the learner wishes to gain a NZPPA certificate, we offer the opportunity to complete an online assessment after the course. If the learner does not want undertake assessment, a certificate of attendance will be issued if requested. This course in part will help in completing the online assessment requirements for NZPPA Certification to be a recognised payroll professional.
This course can also be completed by eLearning through NZPPA. For more information please email
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