BB8 with Craig McGregor – Unlock the Real You! ... How to Establish Trust, Inspire Action & Sell More
Wed 6 April 7:15am - 8:30am
The Dunedin Club, 33 Melville Street, Dunedin Central, Dunedin 9016
Join us at this Breakfast Before Eight (BB8) to hear about Craig's vision to help people like you love to speak. This maybe in front of your peers, in front of a client, or externally in front of a conference audience. These are all situations where you may have to represent the business and showcase your expertise or pitch ideas.

Craig will also share from a coaching perspective, why no two people are the same - and that is why creating a roadmap, and having a toolkit of methods and approaches that work for you will dramatically improve your success. Your roadmap will also help avoid procrastination and any thought that you could "wing it".

You will also learn about the 5C’s of speaking - conviction, clarity, confidence, congruence, and charisma pollinate all aspects of your life. That is why developing your speaking skills is a smart investment. 
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