Employment Relations Briefing - Navigating Employment Law During COVID-19 (Webinar)
Wed 9 March 11:00am - 12:00pm
Please join Ronda Tokona, Kathryn McAuley and David Browne from the Business South legal team, who will present a series of topics arising from the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic - and address issues that are specific to member business operations.

This 45-minute webinar will cover: 

Rapid Antigen Testing and their implications for business
Ronda and David will look at the RATs test from the perspective of business understanding about the test, and how it impacts on business planning especially staffing flow and availability during Omicron. This is a small vignette of information, in a broader, rapidly changing landscape of information, designed to enable the employer/business to function as effectively as possible, while heading over the waterfall.

Covid-19 related absences – who pays?
Kathryn will discuss Phase 3 of the response to Omicron, which has resulted in thousands of cases throughout Aotearoa daily. The obvious consequence on the workforce is employees’ absenteeism. So, what happens when your employee cannot work from home, but is required to self-isolate?  What financial support is available?  Do you have to top this up? What kind of leave are they entitled to?

This section will examine various scenarios:
  • Getting tested
  • Close contact
  • Secondary contact
  • Critical worker
  • Positive case
David will also review the Government plan to re-open the boarders and discuss the implications of this on business with a view to ensuring employers are prepared to capitalise on the opportunity to reconnect with the world.
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