Presenter: Rhys Watson
Stakeholder Management
Wed 31 August 9:00am - 4:30pm
Training Room, Business South Inc, Level 3, 442 Moray Place, Dunedin
Does it feel like people are disengaged?
Does stakeholder management feel confusing and difficult?
Is the right message getting to the right people?


To develop an understanding of the stakeholder management process, providing you will tools and techniques to identify and engage people to develop productive relationships and outcomes. 

People new to stakeholder management as a dedicated role or are required to undertake stakeholder management as a part of their daily work.

  • Understand the process of stakeholder management
  • Understand the dynamics of stakeholder relationships and personalities
  • Learn tools and techniques to identify and connect with stakeholders
  • Achieve sustainable agreements


Provides the benefits of:
  • Engagement - people take part with open dialogue to develop relationships and trust
  • Collaboration - manage expectations of everyone while leveraging expertise 
  • Satisfaction - reduce conflict and improve acceptance of outcomes

One day

Rhys Watson from Auckland

Rhys has a practical history of running successful projects over the last couple of decades. Integral as a part of these successes is interacting with and working with a wide range of stakeholders on the journey to provide agreed outcomes that are integrated into everyday business and activities. Rhys provides a high-quality learning experience based on practical approaches which is engaging and interactive.
He is the director of a training and consulting business providing successful outcomes for a wide range of organisations and has actively volunteered in board roles and industry bodies.
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