Stylist Lou Heller at Riverstone Kitchen Lunch
Thu 30 June 11:00am - 2:30pm
Riverstone Kitchen
Lou Heller is a Christchurch-based fashion stylist, fashion writer and educator on all things style.

Learn the style fundamentals from Lou in this power-packed lunch full of information. You’ll learn how we become stuck, and how to evolve with your own sense of confidence, alongside demonstrations to inspire you in all areas of style. You will also enjoy a delicious light lunch from the award-winning Riverstone Kitchen.

"I love to share my knowledge and wisdom that I have learnt over the years and from my own personal journey, giving you tips on how to work your wardrobe and shop with purpose using your own inner dialogue, plus other creative ways in which to find inspiration. Whatever your size and age, I’ll help you develop a wardrobe to inspire you and make you feel great from the inside out." - Lou Heller
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