Turning Point
Wed 7 September 8:30am - Fri 9 September 5:00pm
Dunedin club, 33 Melville Street
Calming the waves of covid fear, confusion and resistance
It would be fair to say, the tidal swells of COVID lockdowns, warnings of further outbreaks and mounting workload pressure from staff on sick leave, are beginning to pull the strongest of us into depths of isolation.
Many are discovering, while floating around on the edge, personal concerns and fears have raised to the surface, making it harder to interact with others in the way they once did. Losing a sense of direction and the will to swim to shore is of course natural and to be expected. So don’t be hard on yourself. Borrowing the words of Kipling … it can be hard to “keep your head, when everyone about you is losing theirs”.
So, how would you like to learn to swim again? And while you’re at it, adopt a few lifesaving strokes for the future? This could be your Turning Point. Those who have been engaging in this course, especially more recently, have rediscovered their true sense of self, their resilience and more importantly aspects and abilities that can help them reengage with the world around them.
The tides of change will always have their way – the trick is to learn how to float above them and ride the right one to shore. Join us and make this moment your Turning Point.
Course dates and information.

To develop robust individuals who have a high level of self awareness and use that knowledge to gain the most out of their life

Turning Point is popular as a course for emerging leaders but is also a strong foundational course which clients use to boost the uptake of, engagement in, and implementation of, various in-house programmes or initiatives.

Traditionally personal development has focused on achieving goals without focusing on the individual. We work from the premise that if you focus on yourself first, building on and strengthening your capability, while becoming aware of what can prevent you from achieving your desired outcomes, the chances are much greater that you will succeed.

  • Gain clarity about what they want in life
  • Examine their beliefs about themselves and the world
  • Address factors that are holding them back
  • Experiment with problem-solving techniques
  • Begin to learn effective leadership and followership skills
  • Practise working smarter, not harder

3 Days ► 8.30 am – 5.00 pm  


Module 1 – Foundation
  • Gets people in the right mindset to grow
  • Don’t let your comfort zone become your prison.
  • Growth requires courage
  • Knowing is NOT the same as doing
Module 2 – Inhibitors
  • Uncovers the internal blocks that are holding people back
  • What’s really driving your behaviour?
  • Are your beliefs limiting you?
  • Do you control your emotions, or do they control you?
  • Don’t think outside the box, think like there is no box.
Module 3 – Allies
  • Builds people’s personal resources and inner drive
  • What truly matters to you?
  • How do you define success?
  • Are you living by your values or for other people’s?
Module 4 – Self-Management
  • Gets people to think proactively and take control of their wellbeing
  • Are you maximising your power of choice or frittering it away?
  • Are you diminishing or expanding your life and work options?
  • Do you blindly react or consciously respond?
  • Work smarter, not harder.
Module 5 – Successful Change
  • People make a solid, detailed plan for change
  • Getting from knowing to doing
  • Having the energy you need to live the life you want
  • Maximising your strengths and support network

Click here to download a full Turning Point programme overview

Richard Joseph, Director of Richard Joseph & Associates
Richard has an extensive background in management in both New Zealand and Australia. Following seven years in management roles in Australian Credit Bureaus, he returned to New Zealand to establish his own firm Protocol Credit Bureau Ltd. After mergers with three other companies it expanded to become CreditCorp Services Ltd, a public company with fourteen branches nationwide. As well as a Director, Richard was General Manager of Consulting and Education.

He left CreditCorp to pursue his calling in the field of leadership training and personal development. Twenty-eight years ago, he formed Richard Joseph & Associates Ltd, a management consulting company based in Dunedin, with a network of associates throughout Australasia and beyond. This company employs Richard’s particular philosophy in enhancing the performance of organisations by developing the potential of the people within the organisation.

Richard is the author of the 3-day leadership programme Turning Point™* which has been run extensively throughout Australasia and beyond. This programme has proven so successful that it has expanded into a suite of integrated development programmes. Richard has supported change management and individual & team development for a diverse range of clients including government organisations, large corporations, tribal authorities, schools and small businesses.

In addition, Richard is well known as a versatile conference speaker.
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