BYO Lunchbox: Happiness in 20 Minutes with Julie Woods
Mon 27 June 12:30pm - 1:00pm
Business South Office - 422 Moray Place - Level 3 - Dunedin or via ZOOM
A joyously brief performance on being happy by that blind woman, Julie Woods
- World premiere - Dunedin Fringe 2021, on the International Day of Happiness.
Now bringing this performance to you from Business South or via ZOOM.
Imagine the shock Julie Woods got in 1997 when she went blind and met the happiest bunch of people she had ever met in her whole life - other blind people!  At this thought-disrupting speech Julie Woods will let you into the secret of happiness according to her and one of the great thinkers of the 20th century, Helen Keller. Bring along your notepad to jot down the three be's in being happy because you won't want to miss this - and all in 20 minutes!  Astonishing!
This is an ideal way to spend any lunchtime, but especially this lunchtime as it's Helen Keller Day on Monday 27 June.
Let Julie leave you with some words from others who have seen Happiness in 20 minutes:
"Julie, Your presentation was perfect for a Ted Talk or Utube in our Covid Times. It's remarkable how Helen Keller found these strategies long ago and now, psychological research has confirmed it as interventions for wellness. Thanks for reminding me that good things come from giving hope to others and been grateful for what I already have."
Heidi Kleinschmidt
Audience member at the world premiere

When Julie Woods went blind in 1997, at the age of 31, she thought her life had ended; little did she realise it had only just begun.  Now as a Professional Speaker and trained coach, Julie’s vision is to brighten the lives of others as NZ’s Happiness Coach. WHY NOT!

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