AI Summit 2024 - Dunedin
Tue 25 June 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Metro Direct Lounge - Edgar Centre, 116 Portsmouth Drive, Dunedin
Unlock the future of your business with Dunedin's first AI Summit. Join industry leaders as they demystify AI, share real-world experiences, and reveal strategic insights on implementing AI into your business. 

This is the first of a suite of AI-related offerings that we will be bringing to the region over the coming months.  We are starting from a high level, offering executive insight into what AI integration into business looks like, in a general and practical real life way.  This is the perfect session if you are a decision maker in your business that wants to know how and where to implement AI to progress your business in a challenging economic environment.

Featuring keynote speakers
  • Emeritus Professor James Maclaurin - Otago University; Director of University of Otago’s Centre for AI and Public Policy. He has a background in philosophy and policymaking and is co-author of A Citizen’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Stephen Kurzeja - Chief Technology & Information Officer 2Degrees NZ
  • Lou Compagnone - Director of AI Datacom
  • Dr Simon McCallum - Expert in AI, User Experience Engineering, Virtual Reality and serious games. Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington.
  • Kale Panoho - Serial Entrepreneur, Managing Director K&J Growth, Rugby Bricks and Hakune. 
If you want to go back to your team with a clearer understanding of what a high-level AI roadmap might look like for your business, then you won't want to miss this. 
$120 + GST
$220 + GST
This activity is closed for registrations