Unlock the Real You - How to Present & Speak with Confidence (2-Day Workshop)
Mon 8 August 9:00am - Tue 9 August 4:00pm
Board Room, Business South Inc, Level 3, 442 Moray Place, Dunedin
A must attend speaking skills workshop for anyone who wants to make your presentations more relatable and understandable. Regardless of whether you are an experienced presenter looking to enhance your skills or a novice looking to develop your skills, this course will increase your ability to get your message across in a professional and concise manner.

This is a smart investment in your success.

The outline is designed to allow you to unlock the real you and develop your own natural style when you present or speak in front of others. At the same time, your individual style needs to be seen as confident and genuine and one which builds rapport and empathy with your audience. The workshop is fun and incorporates creative thinking skills. It is hands-on and it will increase skills, techniques, and confidence that will pollinate every aspect of your life.  

This speaking skills workshop is specially designed for anyone who wants to make their presentations more relatable and understandable. It is targeted at: business leaders, executives and owners, professionals, sales managers, organisational teams, individuals who speak at events and conferences, those in community positions and those in technical positions. Regardless of whether you are an experienced presenter looking to enhance your skills or a novice looking to develop your skills, this course will increase your ability to get your message across in a professional and concise manner. 

  • Self-assessment and ice breaker
  • Strategies that create confidence and manage nervousness
  • Impromptu speaking
  • The Science of Speaking
  • Understanding and refining speaking skills
  • Speech or presentation structure essentials that create impact
  • Building and creating content
  • Speaker introductions
  • Body language
  • Vocal variety
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Assessing the audience
  • The Principles of Stage Management
  • The five principles to avoiding “Death by PowerPoint”
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • The Do’s and Do nots of online presentations

Each participant will receive the following outcomes:
  • Practical exercises to incorporate and highlight their skills
  • An opportunity to present existing (i.e. one you may have given before) or new material that you create in a seven-to-twelve-minute final presentation on day two
  • An opportunity to write and deliver an introduction for another participant  
  • A comprehensive business and speaking resources folder
  • A creative structure guide and mind mapping for developing content
  • Things to-do-today pad
  • A copy of my book “How to Save the World” one question at a time
  • A recording of your final presentation for self-evaluation
  • Feedback from the group
  • An assessment and feedback of your final presentation skills from the coach and a complimentary 60-minute online session at a mutually convenient time to discuss any aspect of the course, your material, and your own personal development.

You may like to bring with you any PowerPoint presentations and/or written speeches that you may like to use as your presentation – please bring

2 Days ► 9.00am - 4.00pm
*** When registering we will automatically register you for Day Two.​***

Craig McGregor

Craig’s vision is to help people like you love to speak. Raised in Dunedin, Craig McGregor has worked in diverse industries such as banking, insurance, stadium management and pathology. However, after hearing a radio show hosted by Jim Mora at Radio New Zealand late in 2018, he made the decision to set up his own business as a public speaking coach and published author. Craig’s overnight decision took 12 years. In 2006, he attended a conference in Australia where the Emcee was 1998 World Champion of Public Speaking - Brett Rutledge. He promised himself then and there – “If Brent can do it, so can I.”  Since then, he has been in 6 Toastmasters New Zealand District 72 Speaking Finals, with 2 Bronze medals (2016 and 2018) and 1 Gold Medal (2012) which took him to semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking in Orlando, Florida, USA.
  • Refund Policy
    • Full refund within 30 days, otherwise 50% up to 48 hours. Within 48 Hours no refund unless you can find a replacement. If the course is cancelled by Craig McGregor for any reason a full refund will be available.
  • Refreshments
    • All refreshments (tea and coffee etc), and lunches are provided. Please email training@busines-south.org.nz of any dietary requirements for catering purposes. Every endeavour will be made to accommodate you but if necessary you are welcome to bring your own.
  • Materials
    • All course materials and workbooks are provided. Please bring your own technology or props that you may like to use. Access to wi-fi is available but should not be relied upon for any presentation.
  • Health and Safety
    • All rules and requirements of Business South Inc. apply for the use of their facilities including any adherence to vaccination requirements.
Payments can be made online to Westpac #03 0905 0350582 000 | Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted.
For details and other training options, call the training team on 03 479 0181 or email training@busines-south.org.nz
$1500 + GST
$1500 + GST
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