In-Depth Facebook Workshop
Mon 15 August 9:00am - 4:00pm
Training Room, Business South Inc, Level 3, 442 Moray Place, Dunedin
Learn how you can leverage Facebook as an effective marketing tool for your business or organisation in this practical training.
This will be thorough, informative and enjoyable - a mixture of theory, strategy, practical exercises, tips and ideas, creative discussions and Q&As.

This workshop-style training is designed to empower the business owner/manager/social media manager to effectively manage/oversee their own Facebook marketing to better connect with their target markets, critical in this COVID-19 period and beyond.
This hands-on workshop includes everything you need to know to improve and optimise your organic Facebook efforts. This is aimed at marketers looking for actionable and impactful ways to use this popular social network to grow their business.

Each time this training is run, the content is adjusted so that relevant examples from the industries that are represented, are used.
Along with this, an integral part of the workshop will involve the presenter conducting a mini audit of participants’ Facebook Pages prior to the training and relevant examples from their Pages will be discussed with the group. Participants are welcome to submit Facebook questions prior to the workshop to be answered during the training.
Bring your laptop so you can access your Facebook page as we will be diving into your settings, information and insights – for adjustments and to see what is and what isn’t working.

Whether you are a sole trader, small business owner or in-house digital marketer at a larger organisation, if you want to improve your understanding of how Facebook works, find out more about the tools/features Facebook offers and learn key digital marketing principles, this comprehensive, practical Facebook Training is for you. It is packed with valuable information and tactics you will be able to implement immediately into your Facebook marketing.
Note: course is aimed at those who are already active on Facebook. It is not designed for complete beginners.

LEVEL – ideally intermediate level

  • How important is Facebook as a marketing tool?
  • How to develop a Facebook strategy and why this is so important
  • Understanding your Facebook goals
  • How to communicate your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Understanding Facebook’s algorithm
  • Why you need to pay for important messages to be seen
  • Tactics to get around the algorithm in order to be shown organically in the Facebook newsfeed
  • Content ideas to cut through the clutter
  • What makes a post interesting, engaging and shareable
  • The importance of image optimisation
  • Sharing positive social media conversations, and responding to negative ones
  • Learn about the range of Facebook tools you can take advantage of
  • To boost or not to boost?
  • Investigating Insights
  • Relevant examples

By the end of this Facebook workshop, participants will:
  • Have an understanding of how to develop a Facebook strategy
  • Have a clear idea for content development and how to post more effectively
  • Leave with techniques they can implement immediately to improve their organic reach
  • Understand which are the key metrics to pay attention to
  • Be able to guide their support team or external agency to truly leverage their Facebook Page

Full Day 9am – 4pm

"The Facebook Training by Philippa at Crea8ive was fantastic. Philippa was great at explaining how Facebook functions and how we use these functions in a manner that was easily understood. It was so interactive and I love how she actually used our own businesses to show examples in such a constructive way which means the take home actions is not just relatable but completely actionable. Thanks for the fun training which went way too fast!"

Philippa Crick, Director of the Digital Marketing Agency, Cre8ive Marketing Ltd

A leading marketing guru, Philippa has been developing and delivering social media courses since 2014. 

At the forefront of social media and digital marketing, Philippa translates her knowledge amassed over two decades to guide organisations on how to effectively integrate ‘social’ into their marketing strategy. A confident and passionate speaker, she regularly runs training courses and is a keynote speaker at events around the country.

Philippa has an extensive background particularly in branding, design, websites, search engine optimisation and social media. Philippa is certified with Google Ads and manages a number of campaigns across a range of industries.

This workshop is registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund programme.

Small businesses may qualify for vouchers to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners, operators and key managers. Vouchers may be provided to a business where the Growth Advisors have identified a need for management training as part of an action plan to support the business owner to grow and innovate their business.

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